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Hey it's Cathlee

Meet the Ceo

of Style with Intention

Cathlee Patterson

My name is Cathlee Patterson but everyone calls me ''Katz'', I am a Style influencer and Personal Development Coach/Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs. A Carribean gal born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Full of passion and love for who I am and what I do in my life. My biggest achievements have been my amazing kids, as a single mum, they are my biggest why for everything that I do! 


In a previous life I worked in healthcare which I am now pursuing a nursing and Psychology degree yes, I believe you can have it all  my passion for helping people was fulfilling but there was a buying desire in me to do something different and the more I thought about it, the more unsatisfied I became with my life.


It's scary going after your dreams as a single mum. We are conditioned to stay in a full time committed job that pays every month so we can pay the bills. But I realized I was not spending time with my kids, going to work for someone else became a chore and a chore  I did not  want anymore. Being Jamaican I am full of some serious passion and the 2 biggest ones I have in my life are Style and Self Development.


When I created my blog I had no idea where it would go, it was an outlay for me to document my love of fashion and also to speak about what I loved which is self-development and empowering women. I am determined to influence women to be themselves, become self-sufficient, pursue their dreams and take on the world… even as a single mum and allow nothing to stop them from achieving their dreams.


Creating a balanced lifestyle for women and their families is my jam and it rocks my world knowing that I created my business based on my values and purpose to inspire women to do the same. I created Style with intention because I knew I wanted to provide financial freedom for myself and my family and prove to them that they can pursue their dreams while designing a life and business that fulfills them.


Welcome to the world of Style With Intention… A place to inspire women, Helping them to create a success mindset so they can become the leaders in their life and business. A place where we fuse fashion and style allowing our personalities to shine while digging deep within to build self-confidence and self-worth so, we can create everything we want in life. 

Always have Style with Intention



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