• Cathlee Patterson

5 Tips to a more productive life 2018

Updated: Jan 7, 2018

Happy New year everyone ,2017 was a year of growth and experience for me

As a growing blogger I have been presented with many challenges that has left me unbalanced at times but I have to say that I'm extremely grateful for these experiences because they have helped me to grow as a woman in business and an entrepreneur, which takes me one step closer to becoming the best version of myself

I have learned to live a conscious,healthy,forgiving and newly improved lifestyle which made me appreciate my failures and my wins,propelling me one step closer to my goals but there is always room for growth,and thats's why I came up with 5 tips to live a more Productive life.


If you want to make more time for yourself in 2018 its best to start gradually, I know it's not easy to

follow a routine that you are not accoustomed to,but you would be surprised what 20 mins can do to your life,its beneficial to start your day with the right attitude this will determine how YOU FEEL THROUGHOUT THE DAY, read about how I command my mornings in a recent post here

You can begin by getting up an hour earlier this allows you more time to command you day.

The first thing to work on is your mindset one thing I have done to improve my mindset is meditation and manifesting what I want to achieve.

This can just be 10-15 mins of quiet time,reflecting on your life or how you want your day to be it's not about the amount of time you spend meditating but the value you get from doing it that is important.


Schedule time for disconnecting from social media this can cause major distraction when you are spending time with friends or families I know that my phone has everything i need personally and business but we usually let the phone take over our entire attention when we should be talking,listening and relating to each other and this has been the cause to ruin many relationships.

One way to do this is by setting an alarm at a certain time of the day just to relax and relate with others verbally and physcially you can schedule your working hours or set up an automated reply if someone contacts you, check emails 2-3 times per day so you won't get overwhelmed or stressed out.

3. Educate yourself

Personally I know that one never stops learning, everyday there are new and improved resources available,just by reading a book that improves you in your business or elevates your confidence can be super beneficial to your life.

utilizing the library can be one option because its free,amazon is also a great site to purchase books I personally love listening to audio books.

Podcasts are also great resources for learning simply search for topics in your niche,most episodes are between 20 -30 minutes so it's easy listening on your commute to work,exercising or just relaxing.

4 .Avoid Negativity

Don't become an emotional sponge if you start soaking up eveyone else problems you become emotionally drained and you cannot afford to loose focus of your goals and vision.

Always try to be among people who possess positive vibes and good energy.

remember not everyone will see your vision or understand your goals ,and they don't have to after all its your vision the only person who needs to believe in it is you.

In this post you can read about how not to become an emotional sponge.

5. Learn to slow down

We are always on the go and thus take our selves for granted,we starve ourselves form getting enough sleep which unknowingly takes a toll on our health and well being.

We should stop and learn to slow down,take a deep breath,give yourself a few minutes to take a drink of water or have something to eat before we go into over exhaustion.

Our health is important an should be treated as such,sometimes we are searching for a solution to a problem and the answer is right infront of us ,but because we are so caught up its hard to see it

Hope these tips help in making your life a bit more simplier.