• Cathlee Patterson

5 ways to maintain mindfulness

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

I have always said that your thoughts are what governs your life daily outcome,in other words you are what you think- just as you become who you hang around,so if you want a positive outcome you have to stay away from negative people, not everyone understands or get your vision some people will try and talk you out of your dreams they are called ''dream stealers''

'' If you dont like the outcome then you have to change the response''

Even though I am a very positive person,sometimes my mind wonders especially when things aren't going my way,I tend to get frustrated and feel like throwing in the towel it's then i have to stop and remember why i started and why I have to follow through- talking to my self as if I'm having a full conversation with someone else.

When you have a ''why'' behind your reasons you will be compelled to keep at it no matter the circumstances,it could be because of your children,business or your health,something really important that adds value to your life in order to be sucessful.

Sometimes things are not going to fall through the way we planned or would have hoped but that’s ok it doesn’t mean that you failed, just look at it as you have learned a valuable lesson from that experience.


People who are sucessful keep a positive focus despite whats happening around them they dont dwell on their failures but they think about their pass success, they are busy thinking about the next step to take them to their goals,they are in constant pursuit in being proactive of their chosen objective.

Keep you eyes on the prize,train your mind to see the positive outcome,never lose focus of what you want to acheive,believe in yourself and go for it.



Take 100% responsibility for your actions, you cannot change the circumstances but you can change yourself.

Personally i know its not easy but in order to be sucessful you have to own up to your mistakes,its easy to blame others for our mistakes we fail to look at the real problem and that is oursleves.

You must give up all your excuses and the victim stories,the reasons why you can't and why you haven't the pass is the pass give it up and start a fresh.

If something didn't turn out the way you planned then ask yourself what did I do to create this outcome? and what can I do to fix it.


The worst thing we can do is walk around with a grudge and unforgiveness in our hearts,all this negative energy creates major distraction in our lives and lets us lose focus from what we are really wanting to acheive.

You have to learn to forgive ,not only for that person but mainly for ourselves in order for us to have a clear and focused mindset.


We as humans are always coming up with something new which means we never ever stop learning,continue to feed your minds- and with me saying ''feed your mind'' this consists of listening to positive, inspirational and motivational talks,speeches,audio books,podcasts ''ANYTHING WHICH BRINGS VALUE TO YOUR LIFE ''and will take you one step closer to your goals.


I cannot stress more about being thankful, no matter what life throws at you never forget to show and practice gratitude,each day you are awake take time out to be thankful, this eventually attracts abundance in your life.

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