• Cathlee Patterson

A mom-preneur's personal style guide

Updated: Oct 15, 2017

People might ask what does styling have to do with a mompreneur or a woman in business?,well

let me explain this - first of all i know personally '' if you look good you feel good'' i have lived by that motto.

  • If you want to be taken seriously as a professional then personal image plays a huge part in how you present yourself

  • how you show up for professional business meetings with clients or business partners will determine the outcome to your success ,you must be prepared mentally and physcially

  • the first impression you leave in someone's mind is not only what you know but also how you present yourself 'as in' your self image,the way your carry yourself,how you smell,act,look and be able to turn heads just by entering the room with that self confidence and self esteem lets them know immediately that you got your ''shit together''and you are capable and knowledgeable of handling whatever is thrown at you

  • Fashion Fundamentals:

  • I created the Fashion Fundamentals as a way for you to confidently understand the essentials to build your everyday style just as you are today.

  • Before you can accomplish your style, you need to get clear on the balance + proportion that makes everything fall into place to flatter your figure so that you can master your stylish framework to shine!

  • Learn the top principles to play up your strengths with the right clothes to flatter your figure so that you can begin turning heads and create your own style!

  • You’re doing everything…trying all the tactics, all the strategies, piecing it together, trying to reinvent the wheel but still standing still. Something is not clicking.

  • Something is not having you stand out.

  • Because you are missing out on the most overlooked element- ‘’how do you look’’

  • It’s about perception, image and the confidence that comes with knowing how to put it together.

You don’t want someone else’s style you want your style.
  • That is exactly why I created the styling program so you can master your look, on your terms, for your lifestyle, and sometimes not even having to buy a thing if you don’t want to

Style Identification:

Determine your present personal style and lifestyle needs are clearly defined and created. Example: a mom needs weekday looks that take her from office to dinner with friends.

+Re-Styling your existing clothing to create fresh new looks will inspire you to wear your clothes that you love but don’t know how to style, or help you wear your favorites in new ways!

+Create lookbooks and mood boards of outfits for quick and easy style reference,so you can recreate your wardrobe looks of newly styled outfits..

This style guide is a $197 value but i wanted to truly give back and to really engage with women who are making it happen in their business.

but if you sign up for a limited time this style guide is ABSOLUTELY FREE

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