• Cathlee Patterson

Avoid becoming an emotional sponge...


It easy to give a listening ear to others, but if you're like me then you would definetly absorb other peoples negative energy.

I call it being an emotional sponge, its not the best personality to possess but i realize despite me trying to avoid toxic, negative situations i usually get trapped by someone pouring their hearts out to me about the bad day they are having or some emotional trauma that they are experiencing and being the person i am i just won't say no.

It's astonishing because i'm not aware at that moment the energy that i am attracting until i leave that person or place but after realizing this its already too late i have become emotionally drained.


I learned that you have to choose what and who to spend your time listening to,you can't help everyone, especially if you are not in a positive vibe or frequency at that time, understand that when assisting some people you have to be in a high vibration,or the result will be EPIC for you plus you don't want the feeling of being trapped by other peoples problems when you have your own issues to deal with unless you're a therapist,even so despite that i'm sure they also have to be mentally prepared to deal with their clients.

Don't get me wrong i'm not saying you can't be a source of strength or rock for those close to you but just know that you should always be prepared mentally to avoid becoming an emotional sponge.


The greatest way to incease your high vibe is by practicing SELF LOVE, love yourself enough to be able to give others love.

One way i practice selflove is by spending quality time with myself, this could be simply taking a long warm bath or a relaxing facial.

Another way i am able to raise my vibration is by meditation you can read about the guided meditation apps i like to use here

This helps me to keep focus and start my day in a positive way,most people don't realize that the way you start your mornings usually determine how your day will turn out,but despite the fact that things might not go the way you plan, you still have the power within you to change it

No one can make you happy only you can make you happy.whatever you choose is entirely up to you.


Everything is energy there is positive and then there is negative energy,i always try to maintain a positive energy and a positve mindset, you can read my article about maintaining mindfulness.

Because your thoughts govern your lifes daily outcome it is recommendable to always try to maintain a positive attitude,it is said that ''YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK'' so if you think that you are a failure then more than likely you will fail but if you continue to speak positivity then your life will definetly have that outcome, be careful who you hang around,energy is easily passed from one person to another you don't need negative people in your space spreading negative vibes in your presence,Over all don't become an emotional sponge!

How do you deal with negative energy?


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