• Cathlee Patterson

How Mental Health influences your life.

I am sure we have all heard the sad news of the passing of the talented fashion Icon/designer Kate Spade.

The well known successful designer was found dead in her NYC home, but what saddens me the most is how she died, ‘’suicide’’ as reported by the media.

The first thought that came to my mind was how and why would someone with such a huge influence and success fall into such an unfortunate and sad situation, But then I realized that sometimes it’s easy for us to be on the outside looking in not knowing the depth of sadness or challenges that one might be facing, We see people each and every day but we have no idea the issues they might be facing and the thoughts that might be racing through their minds, like a herd of flocks racing through the pastures, the voices in their heads giving them negative options to give up and sadly end their lives.

We might criticize them wondering why would they commit such an act with all the wealth they have accumulated but we can’t know their pain until we have walked in their shoes even though one is wealthy they may not be happy better yet unfulfilled, and what is the purpose of life but to become fulfilled and through fulfillment develop growth.

It doesn't mean that depression doesn't attack less wealthy people but everyone in general,itknow no gender, race,or social status

Human beings are never satisfied we always yearn for something else even though we think we have enough over a period of time we again become bored and need to be fulfilled it's the challenges that sparks the fire inside us but things may not always happen the way we plan, we might hit rock bottom especially if we don’t have a support system, and with the pressure of society today that is always pounding upon us to portray a perfect life and trying to live up to that expectation of what others might say or think of us, but if we fall in that trap by becoming side tracked and caught up with people's thoughts and opinions of our lives then we become victims of our own minds.

Remember it’s impossible to please everyone so live your lives to satisfy yourself, create your own happiness and peace of mind only we can make ourselves happy better yet happiness is a choice you either choose to be happy or choose to be miserable it's all up to you.

Wealth is important but peace of Mind is priceless,remember it is ok to hit rock bottom because rock bottom will become the perfect place to build a foundation.

It's ok to start over to recreate a new life while learning from our experiences and creating new ones, better ones.

Depression,mental health is real even though we might be in denial, it's ok to seek help it doesn't mean that you are weak it just means that you want to take control of your life, you are worth living despite the issues and challenges you might be facing your circumstances does not define you neither does it determine your future.

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