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How to Rock at Any Body Size

On the Blog today we have an awesome, beautiful guest her name is Helena Berggren from @thesunnysoul she is life coach,Author and Speaker a phenomenal woman and Entrepreneur.

We teamed up to collaborate in exchanging our thoughts of how style and our body size influence our self confidence.

By Helena Berggren | SunnySoul Coach™ | Emotional Freedom Specialist

We look at our own reflection in the mirror and we compare that to every other body we see. It is an ancient mechanism that was created since the beginning of humankind, when we needed to protect ourselves from danger. We needed to size up our environment in order to decide who was a threat and who was not…

Today that can look like this: We look at children with delight and love (they are no threat to our existence). We look at men and decide if they are man enough to be the protector of the family. And we look at other women as a threat to that family. We do it without thinking. We do it without even knowing we do… And today, those ancient abilities have turned into a forever chaise for the “perfect body”.

Is she prettier that me? Is she skinnier? Does she have a better booty than me? What size is she? How pretty do I need to be? How skinny do I need to be? How should my booty look? What size should I be?

Well, girl… I hate to break it to you… but none of that matters.

Not that this has anything to do with how men look at us but just as an example: if you asked 20 men what they like in a woman, you would get 20 different answers and many of them aren’t even body related! In other words: You don’t need the right height, bra size, or hair color to be loved, but I know – it would help right?! It would help that self-judging bitch that is running around in our own mind to calm down a bit. Right?!

Too many times I hear female clients tell me something along the lines of “if I was only at [this] size, then I would be happier” and usually they refer to a time in their life where they were at [that] size and all their other life-stuff was nicely put together. They totally contribute that time and that happiness to their weight and body figure!

Looking at it from this angle it looks so simple, but if you are one of those women, you know it isn’t so easy to break that belief. Instead, it becomes a struggle to reach that weight and happiness, and be miserable in the process judging the hell out of ourselves. But in order to truly be happy in that future body, we must be happy in our current body too. And when we do we will have fun in the process as well!

But HOW do we do that? How do we rock a body that we don’t really like? Here are three easy daily exercises to help you get started:

  1. Find beauty in every other woman that you meet without judgement, jealousy, and guilt. Pick a number… just pick a number that you think make sense, say it is five, then you go out into the world, to the mall, the office, library, streets, wherever you like to hang, and you find five women to compliment. You don’t have to say it to them physically but say it to yourself. “She has a fantastic smile” “She looks so confident” “She rock those heals” “She has an amazing booty” If you feel like telling them go for it, but it doesn’t matter for the exercise to infuse you with feel good vibes! Then tomorrow you pick a number again and keep it up! This will completely shut your self-judgement up because you can’t admire and judge at that same time (and that is a good thing).

  2. Recognize everything your body rocks at. Have you ever thought about what your eyes do? Your feet? Your knees? Your hands? Your stomach? They help you see, walk, rise, touch, digest… and those are some pretty amazing things, don’t you think?!! So, whenever you want to judge your body or a specific body part, try to stop yourself and choose to see it from a different angel. Try to see it with the light of what that body part is doing FOR you rather than against you. And, like magic you have flipped a negative into a positive.

  3. Thank your own body for what it is giving you. This point is similar to #2 but here we are working proactively with finding what our body rocks at. Every night take a moment and find 3-5 things you are grateful for about your body. And you can totally start with the things you don’t have an issue with at first like “thank you eyes for helping me look cute” “thank you toenails for being sandal ready” “thank you hands for writing those emails today” “thank you hair for keeping the curls all day” “thank you belly for taking care of my favorite meal” etc…

Then REPEAT #1, REPEAT #2, REPEAT #3! Sooner or later you will start to FEEL different about your own body and when you start to feel different about your own body the way you TALK about your body will transform and you will find yourself having FUN in the process. And that is how you rock any size – loving what you got now.

Xo Helena

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