• Cathlee Patterson

Morning Rituals

How your day starts out helps in determining how the rest of your day will turn out at least for me, it helps if you create a daily morning routine.

I know it can be difficult having a routine especially if you are a mom, there might be times when you just don’t have enough time to pencil everything into your mornings, since you might have to keep busy with helping the kids, especially if you have smaller ones, they require much more attention and time.

Let me share with you my morning routine

I usually set my alarm for 5:30 am since there are a couple things I would like to achieve before starting my day, on the weekends I tend to sleep in lounger so each week differ.


So its 5:30 am and the blaring sound {ALARM} goes off; each day it seems like I just went to bed and before you know it's time to wake up, when I first created my routine it wasn’t easy for me but with time it got better and easier.

I am very privileged to have my older daughter who gets my younger ones up most of the time, and not only are they dedicated they are super self sufficient because they usually get dressed and meet the bus on time “Independently”


While they get ready for school I take this time to practice my meditation, I usually would do between 10-20 mins depending on my appointments for the day, you can check out my previous post on being mindful

List of meditation;

Insight timer app

Morning guided meditation with {Sandra Wapniarski} apple music

Positive affirmations

Deepak Chopra {apple music}

The Davidji meditation {apple music}

I would then write a few sentences in my journal depending on how I’m feeling that day but i never forget to write the things that I’m grateful for check out my previous post on mindfulness

I know its not healthy but I just find it difficult to eat breakfast early in the mornings- but I will not miss out on a hot cup of coffee, it gets me started


Every morning while I’m driving or even if I’m home I always listen to a positive podcast among my favorites are;


She means business podcasts



These are all positive, informative podcast for the entrepreneurial woman.

On the weekends I incorporate may workout routine during the mornings otherwise I would go to the gym in the evenings, but I will be doing a nightime routine in a seperate post.

Do you relate to any of my routine? i would love to know


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