• Cathlee Patterson

The PBK collection

Updated: Sep 18, 2017

 I have achieved many things to be grateful for and God knows that I am eternally thankful, but I

am even more excited about finally creating my very own  Graphic-Tee shirt line. The name of my brand is Poshbykattz and this is this first from the PBK collection, I have always been a total graphic tee junkie but I was very picky of what I would wear and the message it portrayed and since I have always been a positive spiritual junkie I wanted to create my own version of quotes so- what better way than to create your own.Plus I am always aware of what I wear- being a mom I believe children live what they learn so I have to be a good example to them .

Posh'' is defined as classy and luxurious and thats how I wanted to be taken and since I'm Kattz what better way to be combined. Being a Self-development strategist I inspire women to  possess a kick ass mindset to become leaders in their business/personal life while building their self confidence,selfworth and esteem, and believing in themselves enough to chase their dreams and vision while bringing it to reality - and I do this through my combination of fashion and self development, I believe that taking pride in your outer appearance does  a lot for your self-confidence and self esteem'' I'm not saying that its all but it does impact how you feel about yourself''

My shirts are geared towards women on a hold but mainly those who are open minded, goal oriented and want to be inspired, uplifted and motivated and I do this through the positive and inspirational quotes depicted on the shirts if you continue to hear it or see it then you eventually start believing it and your belief determine who you are and how you view your life.

So you would definitely be interested if you are a woman in business/planning to start a business, want to create a positive mindset,career minded or mom-preneuer.

Shirts can be purchased on  http://www.poshbykattz.com



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