• Cathlee Patterson

Why is Self Awareness Important

Are you Self Aware

Self awareness is having a clear idea of your personality, strengths,weaknesses, beliefs and emotions.

"Self awareness allows you to understand other people"

How To Become Self aware

Search yourself ; Know and become honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses.Your weakness holds you back from achieving your dreams and goals, it installs fear in your mind and decreases your potential to be great.

Focus on your strengths and improve on them, this will motivate you to propel you toward being self aware.

Meditate ; A great way to de-stress is, by meditating and journaling, learn to take deep breaths and keep focus. Most importantly keep a mind that's open to everything and attached to nothing, learn new things each day that will add value to your life, it teaches you things you never knew about yourself.

Listen to Feed back; It is sometimes hard to listen to critism, but in order to learn about yourself from an outside source it assist in working on what you are not aware of.

Constantly working on ourselves is beneficial to our mind, body and soul.

Cathlee xo