• Cathlee Patterson

Why You Should Forgive Yourself

From Guilt to Gratitude

We all make mistakes and we beat ourselves up too often.

First acknowledge the truth that we are humans and we are not exempt for making mistakes.We have to understand that failure is a part of the success process, the first attempt in learning is failure.

when we make mistakes it helps us to become more tolerant with ourselves, don't be tentative, stop beating yourselves up.

Can you forgive yourself for making mistakes?, forgiveness is not only given to others we should also practice it within our lives.

Why do we fear forgiving ourselves, stop holding yourselves within a different standard, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, that is why we have to learn to forgive ourselves first before we even learn to forgive others.

We judge ourselves because of something that we did and we are afraid to let go of that attachment, deal with what is in the now not based on what was in the pass.

Even though you might have suffered then, you have to find an exit from that sufferation.

If something caused you to suffer let it go ! it doesn't serve you, stop reliving the drama we call life.When you embrace letting it go it brings you freedom and peace of mind from torment and drama.

You are more than surviving you are in a mortal being ,when you get wrapped up let go of your history, let go of your drama.

Think about the kindness and all the good things you have done, hold on to that -speed the process up and let go, forget about that point of view, sometimes things have had to happen in order for other things to manifest. Stop judging and condemning yourself, you end up suppressing your heart, in order to find freedom you have to share your heart at least with yourself.

You have the power to let go.

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